Compelling Love

The Angst Project is an effort to creatively stimulate conversation among friends around anxiety, depression, hope, and love.

Our goal is to build a library of short stories, each about 3 to 7 minutes long, that show (in first person) individuals experiences of anxiety, depression, hope, and love. These short stories will attempt to raise questions and provide possible resources for help.

The short stories will be posted on the website. When we get enough short stories, and if we raise enough funds (100K minimum), we will further develop the short stories into a full-length documentary similar to Normie, ASK, and Compelling Love.

For more information, please contact Kurt Neale at

About the Film

In a culture polarized by strong and often differing opinions, how can we connect with those with differing beliefs, values and lifestyles? Over the course of a year we traveled the country, posing this question to scores of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities.

Compelling Love & Sexual Identity is the result of their answers: a thought-provoking and moving feature-length documentary film that captures their personal stories and candid responses.

Compelling Love
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Author David Zahl share about his experience with anxiety, depression, hope and love in this 4 minute video.

A two minute film about Well Grounded Coffee Community, where women who were formerly incarcerated are given a second chance to change their destiny.

Curtis Chang shares some of his story of living with anxiety, his experience with a "dark night of the soul", and his hope in God. No one wants anxiety, but is it possible that there's an opportunity to be had in facing your anxiety? This video is from a series of interviews with Curtis about his experience with anxiety.

Uncommon friends build small houses in Juárez Mexico in an effort to love one another. B.G. Clark shares some of his story of dealing with depression over the years and this labor of love helps him deal with the emotions that he would normally bottle up.

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Compelling Love

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