Our Mission

To observe, receive and reflect the light of God's love for mankind as made known through Jesus Christ.


Our Story

We are uncommon friends who come from different cultural backgrounds, belief systems and age groups. We raise questions through art, including documentaries. We believe that light defeats and dispels darkness and illuminates truth.

Compelling Light exists to offer a safe place to consider much more than our daily routines. We aim to offer grace to people, allowing them to question things of faith without judgement, while encouraging one another. Through our documentaries and artistic endeavors, we try to address the difficult questions of life honestly.

Our feature length documentaries include Normie, a film that looks into the illusion of normal and the beauty of love through the lens of Down syndrome. Compelling Love captures the personal stories and candid responses of individuals across the political and sexual orientation spectrum, dissecting how people can connect with others with differing beliefs, values and lifestyles. ASK explores whether love can survive addiction and codependency. This is a question that weighs on every addict and perplex those who love them, and who typically follow them on their downward spiral.

Face Value

Compelling Light is not an organization you join, it is a creative attempt at connection around love. Compelling Light is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity run by a Board of Directors.

Kurt Neale is a full-time employee and the President of Compelling Light. Board member Wendell Merritt serves as the treasurer.

Kurt's responsibilities include:

  • Producing & Directing Films
  • Photography / Cinematography
  • Creative development
  • Mentoring men
  • Speaking to groups & facilitating discussion
  • Facilitating premarital and marital discussions
  • Facilitating Bible Studies


All administrative expenses, activities, films, and salaries are made possible through our donors. If you would like to support Compelling Light, please visit our donate page.

Use art and Story; Love God and People